Eczema usually occurs when the skin is overly sensitive to particular substances. The onset of eczema usually occurs in patches that can appear as a type of rash. When the skin becomes severely affected the skin can produce blisters or develop deep and painful cracks. The exact causes for this condition are unknown. However, it is associated with abnormal responses of a person’s immune system and allergies. Exposure to the triggers such as skin irritants, allergens and stress usually cause flare-ups of eczema in individuals who are sensitive.

Cracked skin on hands and knuckles

What We Know About The Causes Of Eczema

Eczema is a condition that isn’t contagious. This means that children or adults cannot catch eczema just by coming into contact with a person who has eczema. Eczema usually runs in the family which suggests there are genetic roles in the development of eczema. Eczema is not regarded as the allergic reaction, but a large percentage of children that have eczema will also have various food allergies. Eczema has been diagnosed in various forms.

Common Symptoms

  • Itching
    • In many cases the itching is extremely intense, and the damage caused to the skin is typically caused by scratching.
  • Scaling
    • The surface layer of the skin flakes off and gives the appearance of a scaly and rough appearance.
  • Redness
    • The skin can appear blotchy and can even bleed.
  • Blisters
    • Fluid-filled blisters can develop that ooze a liquid and develop crusts.
  • Cracking
    • Cracks develop on skin that is severely affected. These cracks can be deep extremely painful and are also known as fissures.

Eczema Causes

The integrity of the skin is the make-up of a complex network that involves proteins, lipids and cells. Any disruption to this particular network such as eczema interferes with the skins abilities in functioning as a barrier that is effective. When the skin begins to crack, it allows allergens and irritants to penetrate into contact immune-cells and the skin that leads to releasing the pro-inflammatory mediators which cause eczema.

Special Care For Cracked, Broken And Damaged Skin

Eczema can make the skin so scaly and cracked that it can break open. Also, the extreme itch can become intense enough that it makes the person scratch until they bleed. One of the best methods to relieve the damage caused by eczema and to assist the skin in healing is to moisturize as well as take special care in protecting the skin.

Eczema stops the skin from retaining water, which means that the skin dries out quickly and will break open or crack a lot easier. To avoid cracks and dryness, a good moisturizer must be applied to the skin daily in the form of an ointment, cream or lotion that is recommended for treating eczema.